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10/15/2010 04:38:32 am

My parents teach me that what's wright and what's wrong. They always tell me to study hard and honest. If I do something wrong they will not scoled me but they will talk to me nicely, that's why it makes me become more resonable. They also teach me to do only the wright thing and do not follow other people that do bad thing.

10/15/2010 04:48:58 am

My parents teach me to be kind and respect to others and always follow or do the right things, and teach me what is right and wrong. And if I do something wrong, my parents will talk to me nicely, and they will guide and teach me. Also my parents tell me that "I should treat others how I want to be treated." They also teach me that if someone bully or ague at you don't do back to them.

Jam 8/Dennis
10/15/2010 04:08:41 pm

My parent teach me to be respect to other and responsibilities to myself ,and always teach me to do the right things who do bad thing, not follow them. My parent always talk to me nicely when i have problem or somethings wrong like that.

Kanun 8/2
10/15/2010 06:04:59 pm

My parent teach me to behave well.When I done something wrong or something that they don't agree with me, they will explain to me kindly. They never force me to do whatever they want, but if I want to to be a pharmacist, they will cheer me. They teach me to have our own responsibility. They gulde me in correct way.

10/15/2010 07:00:25 pm

My parents dont teach me..they guide me. They are the ones that have shown me the right and proper path. They've taught me the real difference between right and wrong. They always say one thing reapatedly and that is "Dolly... its always ready, get set, GO! We've taught you what we had to.. now its your turn to explore life on your own means." I really love and respect my parents for being loving parents, proper guides, and my best friends. They're way of teaching me how to behave is just siple but effective.

Lydia 8/1
10/15/2010 10:19:16 pm

Everybody's parents know the best for their children and give it to them too. My parents have done the same. Yeah they have taught me the difference between right and wrong, but it is up to me to decide what is right and what is wrong! My parents will be there till their last breath for me and I will be too. After that, I am all on my own. Dad has always taught me, "First I will give you my fish which I have caught, next, I will teach how to catch your own fish, and lastly, you will have to feed it to me and your children! Then, I'll see how good the fish is!" I am glad my parents are there for me and will always will, they will stop me if I do something wrong and bring me on the right path. As for behavior, that's a minor thing. When I see my parents, I behave try to behave like them automatically because I know whatever they will do for me will always be right and I will always try to make it right for them!

T. Glenn
10/16/2010 03:11:41 am

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10/17/2010 01:32:24 am

My parents teach me to be a good person, they tell me that I should not stole others people things. If I want it, please tell them, usually if they can buy for me and they see that was right they will buy for me. When I do the bad things likes I didn't speak politely to others they will talk to me that why I doing that, and they will teach me that wasn't good and tell me how to speak politely. :)

10/18/2010 02:02:47 am

my parents teach me to believe in the possibility and never give up but some people are weak and they act like they are storng and they like to hit many people or they parants might teach them to but I think they not rerry teach them .The weak people and they act storng are have no respect to other and they are very weak because they can't control they self

10/18/2010 03:08:52 am

My parents teach me how to become a good person and show me the right path. They guide and me and tell me what is right and what is wrong. I wouldn't have been what I am right now if my parents didn't teach me all these lessons. I am glad that my parents have been with me and I know they always will.

10/19/2010 02:59:13 am

My parents teach me .We are human beings and it's normal to make mistake . As long as we don't keep making the same mistake...then it's alright! Just need to move on. There is much more important thing in life. Do something that makes you happy and stay away from anything will make you mistake again.

10/22/2010 02:43:22 am

my parent teach me to behave by tell me their experience in their life so i could relize that I have to behave like this.


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